Engineering Your Life

How Optimization and Verification Help you in Life?

Optimization and verification methods are commonly used in all engineering disciplines to ensure the stability and effectiveness of a system or structure. After working on software engineering projects in different industries, I start to discover that the idea of optimization and verification can be widely applied in our life, and that really ties into my passion for SE program (Software Engineering) in University of Waterloo.


Optimization is the process or methodologies to select the best set of elements from some set of all the elements. Aside from its application in engineering and science, optimization can drastically improve the efficiency in a lot of daily activities. In fact, engineering, as advanced as it may sound sometimes, aims to tackle the problems faced by normal people. Therefore, it would be plausible to argue that these methodologies in engineering will also be effective in our life. Next, I will provide several day-to-day-life scenarios where optimization can be applied in a systematic fashion.


Verification refers to the process to determine if the outcome matches the objective. It can be viewed as a continuation of optimization which ensures that the standards are met. Verification can be applied in daily life to check whether the results reach the ideal condition. In engineering, verification ensures that a system is sound and consistent in its efficiency.

Former Solutions Developer @PHRI